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The Art of Photography

Is Steve holding Parker or does she have him? I think the answer is obvious. Over the past year Steve has had the wonderful opportunity of working with lively photographer Shelli Allen from Marietta, Georgia. Always on the move Shelli never stops and her creative abilities and wonderful personality pour from the images she captures. Enjoy more at

SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2010

Tim McClain: A model approach

Once one of America’s top models whose labors now lie on the other side of the lens is currently instrumenting Steve’s reproductions for the collection of work shown here as well as corporate commissions for companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and Chick-fil-A. McClain, who has been reluctantly forced into Penley’s world of last minute confusion and panic by sheer luck of proximity, continues to produce the highest quality workmanship and artistry even if he doesn’t get any sleep the night before. Studio photographs of Steve by McClain also rotate on the opening page and can be viewed at


Rotating on the opening page are several shots of the studio by close friend, gallery owner and photographer Robert Matre. Prior to opening The Matre Gallery in 1996 past (and some current) occupations include University of Gerogia Tri Delta house boy, hotel detective NYC, Mori Luggage sales representative and founder of Ansley Country Club golf group, The Swindlers. All of which contribute to his remarkable artistic abilities behind the camera and inside the gallery. His work can be viewed at and

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