Please direct all inquiries to

Penley Art Co., 4355 Cobb Pkwy., Suite J- 516, Atlanta, GA  30339

We appreciate your time and effort with each cause. Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to support all of them. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

-All requests must be via email at
-We must receive requests AT LEAST 90 days before your event 
-Donation requests for November and December events will not be considered
 unless received by August 30
-If approved, please do not contact us to follow up prior to the week of the event

To request a donation, please follow these steps:
1. Email requests to
2. State your cause and mission
3. Highlight any affiliation you have with Penley Art Co
4. Tell us how we can benefit your organization
5. Provide a physical mailing address and phone with your request

Thank you for your support and interest in Steve Penley! 


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